Monday, July 1, 2013

A Crucial Moment

A crucial moment.  Ive found myself here too many times and its one of the reasons I wanna do Bunker Row.  I want CJ to represent many things about many readers but one thing that I really get to express through him is the anger, the frustration that comes in life. Its very real and I desire to express that struggle very much through this character.  Its also an outlet to express Gods Grace through Christ and the teaching process of learning to love others willingly even we are at the end of our rope emotionally.

I really wanna express the quickness and violence of the anger, the struggle to keep it contained and, as happens often, the guilt that follows afterward.  Its especially hard for CJ in this case, as you will you see later, because since his New Relationship with God , hes tried so hard to be 'good'.

Strips like this are why 'Bunker Row' exists.

 Ive got alot to learn too, CJ, hang in there buddy....

The Road to Jesus' mercy.....

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